1 day a year - 30-50 year old skaters re-connect with the people they use to skate with. Skaters reconnecting with the places they used to skate. Reconnect with the art they used to wear and ride. Reconnect with the music they used to listen to. And connecting with new skateparks and new friends. Connecting with the new generation of skaters. Thats what happened at the Skatopia 70's skatepark reunion. Thanks to you and the internet we have reconnected. Keep up the connection. Until next year, Ken Hada Pictures and video to follow in the next few days.


Im in!!!!

Im in!!!!

clark rules, and so does

clark rules, and so does ken, thanks you guys. yesterday was the funnest of times. and thanks to all who dare show there faces at such an event.

 ken thanks again for the

 ken thanks again for the awesome day! it was so cool to see you all again,clark, thank you for the hospitality,we didnt expect that,and you 've got me hooked on flatbread for sure.will be skatin with you all soon!

I had a great time. Thanks

I had a great time. Thanks Ken for everything. Practically everyone I skate with, I met at the first reunion. Good to see everyone again. God Bless

Just a quick note of thanks

Just a quick note of thanks to all. Thanks for all the effort to have the reunion north of LA. It meant alot to me.

Watching you guys skate has really put a fire under me to start riding parks again.

I think I need a new deck though. Clark reckoned the Santa Monica Airlines deck I was using was 25 years old!!!

You guys have any suggestions?

I think I want something a little longer than that deck.

Really bummed I missed hangin' at Clarks place, but really stoked to be able to make it and touch base with Old friends and meet new ones.

Look forward to seeing all the pics

Peace and Blessings on you all.

Fredo Z

Fredo Z

Here's the vid I

Here's the vid I shot

Wow Clark laid this heavy PM

Wow Clark laid this heavy PM on me. It reminds how special you all are and how special a place Skatopia was.

A long road trip but quite

A long road trip but quite worth the effort.  Had a good time with the old time crew.

Thanks to Ken for getting this thing started.

Thanks to Dale for the overnight lodging which really made my commute much better.  Brian kept me awake and fed during the trip up and back!!!!

Fun park and fun session!  C-ya all next time!

Jeff V.

????? The MOGs Project ????? (soon my friends).

Killer video.. Sorry I

Killer video.. Sorry I missed Clark's place sounds like you guy's had a gerat time. Can't wait till next year. Why wait!!! Let's  do it next weekend and the following weekend? We should do three a year, north, south and central.... Fun times.

Awesome park, awesome crew,

Awesome park, awesome crew, perfect day, it just doesn't get any better. Thanks for lighting the fire Ken that brought us all together for such a killer day. Best of times !!!

It's only puffy when it's swollen.

So yeah, I'm bummed I missed

So yeah, I'm bummed I missed it but my back has been giving me a real hard time lately. It's not even the skating but sitting in a car for a long time that really gets it stiff. It's getting better but you know there is no where else I'd rather be then hanging out with you stinky old farts, acting like a bunch of kids.

Ken, thank you for the website and giving us all a place to hook up and have so many good times. I have got to skate with people I never even thought I'd see again let alone hang out on the deck of some bowl, bullshiting with and it's all because of websites like this and Mike's. Also, I agree with Dale, lets just do it more often. It's not too hard for us to just set a date and a place and make these kind of sessions happen. I know I plan on hosting a few on the Old Bro this summer but lets do it some more damn it! and spred it around. Lifes too short, there isn't going to be any more "rebirths" for us.

We missed ya Bill, I was

We missed ya Bill, I was wondering where you were. Sorry about your back. It's kinda funny, I was hauling ass up the 101 right above Ventura Saturday morning on my way up when I spot in my rear view what looked like a Lightning catching me quickly. I was doing almost 90 and I said to myself, I bet that's Bill. But no. Anyways, get that back in shape and I'll see ya soon.

Peace, Colin.

It's only puffy when it's swollen.

Clarks flatbread pizza was

Clarks flatbread pizza was awesome, i sat next to jeff and close to ken, we had a great time...Clark even payed the bill!

christian lafay

 I had a great time as

 I had a great time as always!!! Special thanks to Jeff for the ride. I was way too tired to do that drive after flying in. You guys have really stepped it up quite a few notches since last year. I felt like a gremmie out there after only skating a hadful of times the past 7 months. Oh well, that's what makes it interesting. Sorry your back is hurting Bill. Maybe we can do a short Old Bro skate this coming Sunday, or at least just meet for a bite to eat to BS.

 I had an early lunch with Toby Sunday, and he was bummed he missed it, But I think his wife was even more bummed then he was!!! lol

Skate tough, skate hard, skate till you drop!

Maybe Brian and Bill can

Maybe Brian and Bill can come to Thursday Bowl Beating? Brian what's your schedule?  

Yeah, we missed you Bill!!!

Yeah, we missed you Bill!!! Hopefully you can make it Thursday to the bowl beating.

Almost there!

Yeah, I've been trying to

Yeah, I've been trying to take it real easy on the old back for a while. It has kept me out of the water a few times and that's un-acceptable. Kelly's is not taking it easy.

I'll have to see. It feels better today for the first time  since I was lying on my back in the bottom of that bitch. And I've had dreams about riding her again. I'm liking the deck I whittled out of that factory blank a lot.

Pluss, my schedule is packed. I've been trying to get the house ready for Mariya's graduation party, and I had a water leak and had to tare up some of the floor! (I know, whine. whine) But a Sunday sess on the Old Bro might work. Let me talk to the boss.

I've got my old friend Brian Karr coming down this weekend from Oakland. I haven't seen or skated with the guy in about 30 years! He's gonna trip when he walks into my backyard.

As long as I can remember

As long as I can remember the way, I wil be at the beat down tomorrow.

Skate tough, skate hard, skate till you drop!

Just remember, George

Just remember, George Bush.

Then they'll all think your fine and leave you alone.

Beorge Gush

Beorge Gush

Beorge Gush? Heck, I thought

Beorge Gush? Heck, I thought it was Monica Lewinski...

Skate tough, skate hard, skate till you drop!

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