Ron's 7/26/08

After hanging out at the Soul Bowl most of the day Saturday, Chris, Jimmy and I headed over to Ron's for a little session. Jimmy Chris Then Crazy Legs Jimmy shows up with Jordan Price, the Brazilians and a few others, and they proceed to show us how to ride the bowl properly. Pedro


Earthquake at Westminster Skatepark


Jake, Westminster Skatepark


What a morning. First I get to skate with Jake who was ripping the Liberty Park up - then Dale Arden shows up in street clothes - then Dave and Cassie show up. And then I get to experience my first earthquake in a skatepark. Of course I am sitting when the quake hits I get up and the ground is rolling around lie the entire skatepark is on wheels. The people pour out of the houses across the street, the sepcial needs people move ut from under the covered picnic benches. All the kids in the skatepark stop skating and start looking around at the light posts swaying back and forth like palm trees.  Cassie is yelling at Dave "Dave stop skating we are having an earthquake". I don't know how Dave skated during that shit I could barely stand up.


Splatlanders Birthday

So, on Sunday August 24th, we are having a little celibration in honor of our beloved Splatlander.

This is going to be a catered affair so I am trying to get a good idea of who can make it. The food will be excellent and the skating will be fun as well as the whole hanging out and bullshiting with friends while floating in the pool thing.

The dude is turning 40!

So let me know if you can make it.



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