He is redeemed

Got home from work yesterday and checked my e-mails to find an invite over to Chickens. So, I got a hold of Brandon to see if he was interested in redeeming himself after his embarassing first trip to Chickens. He said yes and off we went. Brandon man'd up and charged it and although we don't have any supporting photo's, I'll say the boy is redeemed. Nice work Brandon!


One More Time

Joey was flying back to Oregon Saturday night so we met Jeff at Santa Paula Saturday morning for one more sesh and eat. Place was pretty much empty, Yeh Yah !

Clean !


I'm diggin' this board !

A new variation I'm working on.


Santa Monica Air Show

Friday evening Joey and I went to Venice, hit the Sidewalk Cafe, had dinner and watched the hotties cruise the boardwalk. Afterwards we hooked up with the Mirandas over at The Cove and watched Kevin destroy the place. I mean, Holy Crap !!! This kid is 8.






Thanks Dale!!!

Not only did you get to see the typical Smoke-slam-a-rama, but you gave me that little extra push I needed today. I'm so stoked on what I accomplished with the "potatoes" and frontside D's. Also got to even out the elbows so that both hurt equally the same...

Sketchy hang-up disaster, to fakie tail stall to "hello garage door"....

Great last run by the way.... 



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